Eva Woods Peiró

Eva Woods Peiró is a Professor of Hispanic Studies at Vassar College. She is the author of White Gypsies: Race and Stardom in Spanish Musicals (Minnesota UP, 2012) and is the co-editor of the collected volume of essays Seeing Spain: Vision and Modernity, 1868-1936 (Berg, 2005). Her articles on Spanish cinema and culture focus on race, gender, cinema magazines, digital media, surveillance and migration. She has taught, mentored and directed Media Studies and Latin American and Latinx Studies, and has regularly participated in Women’s Studies and International Studies Programs. In addition to serving on several faculty and college-wide committees, her community-campus service has involved chairing the Engaged Pluralism’s working group, “Bridging Local and Global Communities”; organizing Undoing Racism workshops (The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond); teaching Building Inclusive Communities with Latinx Poughkeepsie; and working with Conversations Unbound. She is a founding member of the Poughkeepsie-Oaxaca City Friendship Committee Initiative; Vassar AREJ (Antiracism, Equity and Justice organizing team); and On PAR (Partners Against Racism in the Arlington Central School District). Currently she is training to facilitate Intergroup Dialogue (The Michigan Model) and racially just and equitable spaces.

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